Class 12 Chemistry Notes for Chapter-1 Solid State


Class 12 Chemistry Notes for Chapter-1 Solid State

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Class 12 Chemistry Notes for Chapter-1 Solid State

Class 12 Chemistry Notes Chapter 1 Solid State  . Notes Chapter 1 in solid state includes all the topics as per NCERT syllabus. Each subject is explained in very easy language with a colourful diagram. Students can easily understand specific subjects. Class 12 Chemistry Notes Chapter 1 Solid State has been prepared by our experts teacher as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern class 12 chemistry. After consulting various books and expert teachers, problems are calculated in very simple ways. Apart from this, you can download other Class 12 subjects like Chemistry, Mathematics Formulas Sheet, Biology. Along with the notes, we are also providing chapter wise notes of all other subjects of class 12. After reading chapter 12 chemistry notes of chapter 1solid state you will surely get good marks in board exam for class 12 chemistry notes solid state. Each concept is explained in a detailed way Class 12 Chemistry Notes Chapter 1 solid state notes are made according to the class 12th NCERT Chemistry book. Students can download the pdf file and study offline so that the exam preparation will be done better in the section pdf given below so that you have to click on it and class 12 chemistry notes chapter 1 solid state colour notes download Can do. Notes made according to NCERT syllabus so that no student studying in 12th standard can read no matter which state you are from, these notes can also help in preparing for the full exam.

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Classification of solids based on different binding forces: molecular, ionic, covalent and metallic solids, amorphous and crystalline solids (elementary idea). Unit cell in two-dimensional and three-dimensional latitudes, calculating density of unit cell, number of atoms per unit cell in solid unit cell, line defect, point defect, electrical and magnetic properties, efficiency, voids, packing. Band theory of metals, conductors, semiconductors and insulators and N and P type semiconductors.


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